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     Denzel Hayes Washington, Jr. - A New York native is a two-time
     Academy Award winning actor and talented director. He has been
     praised for his portrayals of several real-life figures, such as Steve
     Biko, Malcolm X, Melvin B. Tolson, among many others. His recent film
     American Gangster helped Denzel to top a new survey list for the
     second year in a row as America's favorite movie star.

     Al Pacino  (Alfredo James Pacino)- Another New York native of
     Italian-American decent,  is an Academy Award, Golden Globe, Tony,
     BAFTA, Emmy and SAG award winning American film and stage actor
     and director. Pacino is best known for his roles as Michael Corleone in
     the famous trilogy The Godfather and for his role as Tony Montana in
     Russell Ira Crowe - A New Zealand born, Australian actor is an
     Academy Award winner, who began appearing in US films in the late
     90's. He has been nominated for three Oscars and in 2001 won the
     Academy Award for Best Actor for his starring role in the Gladiator
      Michael "Mike" John Myers - A Canadian actor of English decent is
      an Emmy Award winning actor, comedian, screenwriter and film
      producer. Probably best known for his comedy work on Saturday
      Night Live, the Austin Powers movie series, character on Wayne's World
      and voice on Shrek.

     Willa Ford - Is a hot, young, multi-talented American pop singer, song
     writer, record producer, tv personality, presenter and actress. She
     became well known in 2001 as the "Bad Girl of Pop", when she released
     her debut album, Willa Was Here. You might also remember her for her
     great dance moves on reality show Dancing with the Stars. Willa wrapped
     up her first two movies last year starring as Anna Nicole in "The Anna
     Nicole Smith Story" and playing Claire in the thriller "Impulse" !  As you know,
     Willa is married to your favorite Stars player, Mike! Watch for her in new movies!
     Julia Fiona Roberts - Is an Academy Award winning, American film
     actress and former fashion model. Her shot to fame was during the early
     '90s after starring in the romantic comedy Pretty Woman with Richard Gere.
     She won the Best Actress Academy Award in 2001 for her highly praised
     character in Erin Brockovich. These are just two amongs many of movies
     she has starred in and won awards for, making her know as the highest-paid 
     actress in the world.
     Charlize Theron - A South African actress and former fashion model, well
     known for her role as Aileen Wuornos in the movie Monster. This role helped
     her to win an Academy Award.
      Mary "Meryl" Louise Streep - Is an American actress, who has experience
      in theatre, television and films. Streep's hard work has earned her two
      Academy Awards, six Golden Globes, two Screen Actor Guild Awards, a 
     Grammy Award nomination and a BAFTA award and Cannes award. She has
     recieved more Cannes Academy Award nominations, than any other actor or
     actress in the history of the awards. She is widely considered to be one of
     the most respected and talented actors of all time.
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