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Athletes That I Admire
     Brett Lorenzo Favre - Is an American football player, currently the starting
     QB for the Green Bay Packers. Favre was selected in the second round of
     the 1991 NFL Draft by the Atlanta Falcons. After one season with the Falcons,
     Favre was traded to the Green Bay Packers, on a first round pick... What a
     great move for Favre in 1992! Favre is the only three-time AP MVP (1995-1997)
     in the history of the NFL and has led the Packers to two Super Bowls: with a
     victory against the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XXXI. In 2007, chosen
     by Sports Illustrated as Sportsman of the Year, Brett has just finished his 17th
     Season and started every game since 1992. His records include: most career
     NFL touchdown passes (442), most career NFL passing yards (61,655), most
     career pass completions (5,377), most career pass attempts (8,758), most
     career NFL interceptions thrown (288), most consecutive starts among NFL
     quarterbacks (253, 274 total starts including playoffs), and most career
     victories as a starting quarterback (160).
     Dan Marino, Jr. - A Hall of Famer Quarterback, born in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania
     played for the Miami Dolphins. He was the last quarterback of the legendary
     Quarterback Class of 1983 to be taken in the first round. Marino became known
     as one of the most prolific QBs in league history, holding or having held almost
     every major NFL passing record. He is remembered particularly for having a
     quick release, a powerful arm and leading the Dolphins into the playoffs on
     numerous occasions.
     Wade Anthony Boggs - is a former third baseman that played for the
     Boston Red Sox. His hitting in the 1980s and 1990s made him a 
     ceaseless contender for American League batting titles. Boggs was
     elected into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2005. He had 12 straight
     All-Star appearances. His best seaon was in 1987 when he set career
     highs in Home Runs (24), RBIs (89), and slugging percentage (.588).
     That same season, Boggs also batted .363 and held a .461 OBP...
     Both these stats are still leading the league.
     Ken Griffey Jr. - While playing with the Mariners during the 1990s,
     Griffey established himself as baseball's premier player. He was
     considered to be one of the best players of all time. Before injuries
     took a toll on him, he was a top run producer and the best center
     fielder in the big leagues. Griffey hit for a high average, batting over
     .300 for seven years in the '90s. His hits were so powerful, it lead
     to his 422 home runs in the '90s as well. His defense in the center
     field was widely considered among the elites of the '90s. Griffey
     successively made astonishing diving plays leaving fans in awe by
     making over-the-shoulder basket catches and by robbing opposing
     hitters of home runs at the wall - leaping up and pulling them back
     into the field of play. Becasue of his great rep, skills and likeability,
     Griffey graced the Wheaties cereal box and NIke made a shoe for
      Roger Federer - Is a Swiss tennis player whom is ranked World
      Number 1 since February 2nd 2004. He is regarded worldwide as
      the best player of his generation. In the year 2007, Federer was
      named Laureus World Sportsman of the Year for the third
      consecutive time. He has won fourteen ATP Master Series titles,
      four US Open, three Australian Open, five Wimbledon and four
      Tennis Masters Cup titles.
      John McEnroe Jr. - Born in Wiesbaden, Germany, he is a
      former World No. 1 tennis player. McEnroe won many titles: three
      at Wimbledon, four at the US Open, nine Grand Slam Men's
      double titles and one Grand Slam mix doubles title. He is
      remembered for his shot-making finesse and leading volleying.
      You might remember him on court getting into some trouble with
      umpires and tennis authorities, using his famous "You Can't Be
      Serious!" phrase. McEnroe was inducted into the International
      Tennis Hall of Fame in 1999. 
      Nicholas "Nick" Alexander Faldo - Is an English professional
      golfer on the Europen Tour. He is considered to be one of Europe's
      most successful players of all time. Through out his career he has
      won three Open Championship titles and three US Masters titles.  
Favorite Non-Hockey Sports Teams
     Green Bay Packers -  The Green Bay Packers are a professional
     American football team based in Green Bay, Wisconsin. They are in
     the North Division of the NFC in the National Football League (NFL).
     The Packers are the last of the "small town teams" that were once
     common in the NFL during the 1920s and 1930s. Founded in 1919 by
     Early Lambeau "Curly" (which the Stadium is named after, Lambeau
     Field) and George Whitney Calhoun. They are the third oldest franchise
     in the NFL today. The Packers have won twelve league championships
     (more than any other team in the NFL) including nine NFL Championships
     prior to the Super Bowl era and three Super Bowl victories in 1966
     (Super Bowl I), 1967 (Super Bowl II) and 1996. The team's rival is the
     Chicago Bears. The Packers are currently the only non-profit,
     community-owned major league professional sports team in the USA.
     New York Yankees - The New York Yankees are a professional
     baseball team from the Bronx in New York City. The Yankees are a
     member of the Eastern Division in MLB (Major League Baseball).
     The Yankees are one of the eight charter franchises which was
     founded in Baltimore, Maryland in year 1903, first known as the
     New York Highlanders in 1913 and then became known as the
     Yankees in 1923. The Yankees have been MLB's most successful
     franchise because of their 26  World Series wins and 39 American
     League Pennants.
     San Antonio Spurs - The Spurs are a professional NBA basketball
     team playing out of San Antonio, Texas. They are currently the NBA
     2007 Champions after having beat the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Spurs
     have won the Championship four times. As of November 2006, they 
     ranked second among active franchises for the highest winning
     percentage in NBA history, just behind the LA Lakers.
     Phoenix Suns - The Suns are a professional basketball team in Phoenix, 
     Arizona. They are part of the Pacific Division in the Western Conference in
     the NBA (National Basketball Association). Their home arena is the US Airways
     Center in downtown Phoenix. The Suns have been successful since they
     began playing as an expansion team during the year 1968.  They have made
     it to the NBA playoffs several times and also to the NBA Finals a few times,
     but we're still waiting for the championship win. 
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