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Television Shows
      1.    CSI: Miami (CBS) & CSI: Las Vegas (CBS) (tie) -
             Show Category: Drama, Action / Adventure 
             CSI: Crime Scene Investigation took television by storm in
             2000 captivating their audience with its innovative and updated 
             concept of a cop show. Instead of simply figuring out "whodunit",
             it's also a matter of "howdunit" , and finding evidence  a suspect
             might have left behind in order to crack the case. Watchers have
             said that these shows contains great actors, good scenes and
             real emotion. Once you're in, You're hooked!
      2.   Holmes on Homes (Discovery Home) -
            Show Catergory: News, Documentary / Reality
            Each season, Mike Holmes of Holmes on Homes (a Canadian TV Show),
            shows a variety of interesting home renovation projects-- some big
            and some not-so-big. Mike, a contractor, basically comes in and fixes
            others' mistakes and leaves you in amazement!
     3.    Family Guy (FOX) -
            Show Category: Animation, Comedy
            Family Guy is an animated series featuring the adventures of the Griffin
            family. The parents, Peter and Lois, have three children- the youngest who
            is a brilliant but cruel baby that is set out on destroying the world. The family 
            has a talking dog named Brian that helps keeps baby Stewie in check while
            sipping martinis and analyzing his own life dilemmas.
      4.    Deal or No Deal (NBC) -
             Show Category: Reality
             Actor and comedian, Howie Mandel, hosts this appealing game show of
             odds and chance. The question is: Will the contestant Take the Deal or Will
             he / she wait for the next one?
      5.    Flavor of Love (VH1) -
             Show Category: Drama
             Flavor Flav comes back in this new series "Flavor of Love" as an eligible
             bachelor where a group of women will try to win his heart. Think of Flavor
             of Love as a "romantic" experiment. This will surely make you laugh...
      6.    Pardon the Interruption (ESPN) -
             Show Category: Sports, Talk Show
             Pardon The Interruption is a simulating, live show that is exclusively 
            devoted to sports opinions and headliner issues. This sports show features
            Washington Post columnists Tony Kornheiser and Mike Wilbon.  You can never
            get too much of sports...
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