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Mike Modano Weekly Wrap-up: Tuesday, January 7

It was a strong week for the Stars and for Mike Modano, who extended his scoring streak to five straight games before going pointless in a 1-1 tie with Anaheim on Sunday.  The Stars sent a strong message to its Pacific division rivals after a home win against Edmonton to start the week.  They defeated San Jose, Los Angeles before the tie at Anaheim to earn five of six points on the road against division foes and extend their lead to 14 points over Los Angeles.

Tuesday, December 31 vs. Edmonton (W, 4-1)

Stat line:
One empty net goal
Plus/minus: +1
25:33 of ice time, 27 shifts
• 6:48 power play
• 2:20 shorthanded
Seven shots on goal
11 of 28 faceoffs won (39%)

• Modano vs. Edmonton, career: 47 games played, 26 goals, 36 assists, 62 points
• Modano’s seven shots on goal were his season-high to date.
• Empty net goal made it 3-1; Bill Guerin added another empty netter for the final margin of victory.
• Modano blasted a shot so hard in the second period, it knocked the face mask off Edmonton goalie, Jussi Markkanen, causing a loud and long ovation from the crowd.

“Never have (had one).  I guess staying healthy is the main thing.”
 Modano when asked what his New Year’s resolution was for 2003

Thursday, January 2 at San Jose (W, 3-1)

Stat line:
One power play goal, one shorthanded assist
Plus/minus: +1
21:51 of ice time, 27 shifts
• 0:48 power play
• 2:28 shorthanded
13 of 27 faceoffs won (48%)
Two shots on goal

• Modano vs. San Jose, career: 42 games played, 14 goals, 26 assists, 40 points
• Mike was named the first star of the game by the Dallas Morning News.
• In the Dallas Morning News first-half report on the Stars season, Modano was part of the No. 1 item for both “Moment to Remember” and “Moments to Forget.”  Listed as the top moment to remember was Modano’s 1,000th career point as part of a 4-2 win over Colorado on Nov. 15.  Listed as the top moment to forget was Jeremy Roenick’s reckless hit on Modano in Philadelphia causing Mike to miss three games with a concussion.


Mike Modano was the pre-game guest with Daryl Reaugh on the Stars telecast.  Following is a transcript of the interview:

Daryl Reaugh (DR): The Hockey News annual “Most Powerful” issue just came out and Mario Lemieux is the only player ranked ahead of you and he owns a team.  Who do you think is the most powerful person in our sport?

Mike Modano (MM): Obviously, the No. 1 and No. 2 guys on the list, (Gary) Bettman) and (Bob) Goodenow, are the guys that keep things rolling.  They are going to be two important guys two years from now when everything comes down with our union and collective bargaining agreement.  Obviously, Mario has a big impact, as well as Steve Yzerman.  The players, when they speak and back up what they say, that really makes an impact.

DR: Let’s talk about the power play.  It’s dumbfounding that you only have one power play goal and we are midway through the season.  Is there anything about what has gone on, or not gone on, with the power play, that has you stuck on one power play goal?

MM: Well, I never seem to get it back when I pass it (laughs).  No, I think it’s just the way it goes.  Some games I get a lot of shots and a lot of chances and others I don’t.  They overplay me a little bit and hopefully that opens up Billy (Guerin), Ulf (Dahlen) or Zubie (Sergei Zubov) on the shots.  I’ll try and feed off those guys and start the play from my side of the ice, move it around and find the open guy.  I like passing the puck and trying to get the guys set up.  I get some shots off the rebound and hopefully, they will start going in.

DR: Halfway through the season, this is the first time we’ve seen the San Jose Sharks and Dallas Stars play a game which is odd. 

MM: It is weird.  We’re done with Detroit halfway through the year and we have five games with San Jose.  Those will be important games.  That will be 10 points with those guys and they’re starting to get things together with the new coach and changes they have made.  It may come down to these games to decide who wins the division.

“A huge goal.  A huge goal.  It was a great player stepping up and making a big play at exactly the right time.”
 Stars coach Dave Tippett on Modano’s third period goal to give the Stars a two goal lead

Saturday, January 4 at Los Angeles (W, 3-2)

Stat line:
Two assists
Plus/minus: E
21:50 of ice time, 30 shifts
• 2:41 power play
• 1:03 shorthanded
10 of 26 faceoffs won (38%)
Three shots on goal

• Modano vs. Los Angeles, career: 53 games played, 24 goals, 35 assists, 59 points
• This was Mike’s first multi-point game since returning Dec. 26 from a concussion and extended his point-scoring streak to five consecutive games.
• Modano was named the 32nd most powerful person in hockey by The Hockey News.


“Each game is feeling a little better, and I have a little more jump.  I’m feeling the surroundings a little bit better and seeing the ice and how things evolve.”
 Mike Modano

“When he has concerns about the game and making the game better, he voices those concerns.  There are a lot of elite players who just go about their business.  Mike, his passion for the game comes up in those situations.”
 Stars coach Dave Tippett on Modano’s No. 32 most powerful ranking

Sunday, January 5 at Anaheim (T, 1-1)

Stat line
Plus/minus: E
25:07 of ice time, 32 shifts
• 4:35 power play
• 4:32 shorthanded
14 of 27 faceoffs won (51%)
Two shots on goal

• Modano vs. Anaheim, career: 41 games played, 18 goals, 43 assists, 61 points
• This was the first game back for Modano’s regular left winger of 2003, Ulf Dahlen, who has been sidelined with an injury.

“Certainly, he’s (Ulf Dahlen) one of our better players and does a lot of things very well.  You miss players like that.  He gives you a lot of quality minutes. That’s something you can never have enough of.”
 Modano on Ulf Dahlen

“We do a good job as far as pushing each other and preparing ourselves and getting everybody ready individually so we can have a great game otherwise.  That’s the basic thing, just to keep the foot on the pedal and keep going and keep pushing.”
 Modano on the 2002-2003 team

The Week Ahead

Tuesday, January 7 vs. Los Angeles (FSN, 7:30)
Thursday, January 9 vs. Chicago (FSN, 7:30)
Saturday, January 11 vs. Colorado (ABC, 12:00)