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Modano Weekly Wrap-Up: Tuesday, November 5

The Stars offense was in high gear this past week in terms of shots on goal, but the team found itself against two red-hot goalies at home against Florida in a 3-2 overtime loss and on the road at Columbus in a 4-2 loss.  The week ended with a trip to Detroit and a bittersweet 3-3 tie with the defending Stanley Cup champions.  Modano’s regular line once again saw Brenden Morrow on his left and Bill Guerin on his right, but lines were juggled a bit against all three opponents, with Modano seeing some time with Ulf Dahlen and Guerin against Florida, Morrow and Jere Lehtinen against Columbus and Dahlen and Scott Young against Detroit.

Wednesday, October 30 vs. Florida (L, 2-3 in OT)

Stat line:
Plus/minus: -1
25:21 of ice time, 31 shifts
 5:00 power play
 1:08 shorthanded
17 of 26 faceoffs won (65%)
Six shots on goal

• Modano’s speed was at work all night as he dominated the ice and had a season-high six shots on goal.
• Despite not scoring, Modano was named the No. 3 star by the Dallas Morning News.
• The Dallas Stars/Texas Rangers 2003 Pet Calendar is now available and features Modano as the Stars representative on the cover.


“It’s something that I’ve thought about and something I would like to do.  I haven’t had great opportunities in October and November.  After the new year, things seem to heat up a little bit.  It’s good to get a share of them now and see what happens down the road.  You can’t get these games back in February and March.  You’d like to get something accomplished and something out of them.”
 Modano on the possibility of a 100-point season in 2002-2003

“I don’t see any reason why (Modano can’t amass 100 points).  He’s a great two-way player.  He’s fast, he’s got great wheels and he’s strong.”
 Calgary Flames forward Jarome Iginla on Modano scoring 100 points in a season


Friday, November 1 at Columbus (L, 2-4)

Stat line:
Plus/minus: E
22:17 of ice time, 24 shifts
 7:28 power play
 3:11 shorthanded
18 of 31 faceoffs won (51%)
Four shots on goal

• For the second consecutive game, Modano was named No. 3 star without scoring a point, this time by the Ft. Worth Star-Telegram.
• Since the start of the 1998-99 season, Modano has had 60 games with a goal and an assist which trails only Jaromir Jagr and Joe Sakic.
• Modano was held scoreless against the Blue Jackets, but in eight previous games against Columbus, he had posted four goals and eight assists.


“A lot of guys who can skate fast can’t make plays.  Mike does everything at full speed.  You appreciate it when you see him.” 
  Bill Guerin

Sunday, November 3 at Detroit (Tie, 3-3)

Stat line:
One goal
Plus/minus: +1
23:17 of ice time, 33 shifts
 1:50 power play
 2:21 shorthanded
15 of 34 faceoffs won (44%)
One shot on goal

• Modano’s goal came with only eight seconds left in the second period to tie the game, 2-2.  The goal came shortly after Coach Dave Tippett shook up the line combinations and paired Modano with Ulf Dahlen and Scott Young.
• All-Star balloting began last week and you can vote online for Mike by linking to: http://www.nhl.com/allstar2003/index.html.
• Modano is featured in the third series of the popoular MacFarlane NHL figurines available now.  A “Mike Modano” search on EBay will result in a number of listings for the product (http://www.spawn.com/toys/product.aspx?division=toys&category=sports&series=nhl3&product=mmodano) as well as some rare versions with the Stars home jersey.


“Modano is enjoying perhaps his best start in 10 years for the Dallas Stars.”
  Stars color analyst, Daryl Reaugh

“It was my first year in the league in St. Louis against Rob Brind’Amour.  We were both rookies and it was kind of a push and shove deal before it got heated up.  After that, it was like “they’re not paying me enough to do that,” so that was it.”
  Modano when asked if he had ever been in a fight on the ice

Mike was a pre-game guest with Daryl Reaugh on Ch. 27.  For a transcript, (follow this link):

Daryl Reaugh (DR): You’ve had a wonderful start to the season and obviously in years past this has not been a strong suit..great Octobers or Novembers.  How much did the long summer, the five months, have to do with your energy level being so high early in the season?

Mike Modano (MM): The longer you stay away from the game, the longer you have to reflect on it.  We were away from the game longer than we have been in the recent past and that way, it motivates you to come back.  I started skating a little earlier in July and wanted to get a few extra weeks in skating-wise.  Training camp was good and the exhibition games went real well.  We just had a sharp focus and we all wanted to get off to a great start individually and team-wise.  Thus far, it’s worked out pretty well.  In years past, October and November have been puttering starts for us out of the gate.  Hopefully, we can string some months together now.

DR: Since this is such a Detroit-Dallas day with the Lions playing the Cowboys this afternoon, were you a Lions fan growing up in Michigan?

MM: Yeah, I was a big fan when Billy Sims was here and guys like Chuck Long and Gary Danielson.  Obviously, I’m a big Barry Sanders fan and would love to see him come back.

DR: On the game tonight, you guys have been puttering a bit on the road and the special teams have been a problem.  I would suspect staying out of the box would be a big key tonight against Detroit.

MM: That will probably be the number one key on the board in our dressing room.  They are very skilled, obviously, and have two great units like we do.  We can go at teams on the power play if they make mistakes, but they’re a team that has scored a power play goal in every game this year.  If we can take that part of their game out of the equation, I think we have a good chance.  If we can keep it five-on-five and have a good first period, we’ll see what happens from there.

DR: There seems to be a big difference thus far between the special teams at home and on the road.  You probably don’t have an answer for this, but are there things you guys have talked about that need to change on the road?

MM: We feel we are doing the same things at home as we do on the road.  On the road, penalty killing teams are more aggressive, they feel more comfortable in their surroundings where they can take pressure down the ice and feel they can get back.  At home, a lot of the penalty killing units have been standoffish and have been letting us set up and not pressuring us at all.  On the road, it has been a little different. We have to be a lot quicker and get to the second and third opportunity rebounds and not let them dictate the play.  If you can get that power play goal, it takes the air out of their bubble, gets them on their heels and then our five-on-five game can open up.

The Week Ahead

Wednesday, November 6 vs. Vancouver (FSN)
Friday, November 8 vs. Toronto (FSN)
Sunday, November 10 at New York Islanders (FSN)