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Modano Weekly Wrap-up: Tuesday, December 3

The Stars managed one of everything this past week – a win, a tie and a loss – while Mike Modano had a relatively quiet week by his standards with one goal and two assists.  Only the play of New York Rangers goalie Dan Blackburn in the middle game kept Modano from a bigger statistical week as the young netminder robbed the veteran on three shots from point-blank range.   

Wednesday, November 27 vs. Minnesota (W, 5-0)

Stat line:
One goal, one assist
Plus/minus: +1
20:27 of ice time, 19 shifts
 6:52 power play
 0:47 shorthanded
14 of 21 faceoffs won (66%)
Two shots on goal

• Modano vs. Minnesota, career: nine games, four goals, two assists, six points
• Modano’s line got the Stars off to a fast start with goals in the first 12:10 of the game.


“While Modano has joked about the revolving door on his line over the years, he’s been blessed with talent – notably Brett Hull and Jere Lehtinen.  This group (Dahlen-Modano-Guerin) may be as formidable, and certainly more physical.  Guerin and Modano have expanded on their chemistry forged playing for the United States in the Olympics and World Cup.  Physical, fast and unafraid to shoot, Guerin has complimented Modano’s playmaking abilities.”
 Dallas Morning News
Friday, November 29 vs. New York Rangers (T, 3-3)

Stat line:
Plus/minus: E
27:17 of ice time, 25 shifts
 5:41 power play
 0:51 shorthanded
12 of 24 faceoffs won (50%)
Four shots on goal

• Modano vs. NY Rangers, career: 24 games, seven goals, 14 assists, 21 points


Mike was featured in the weekly “Two Minutes With…” column in the Dallas Morning News:

DMN: You have become a real fan of the one-piece sticks made with carbon fibers where the blade is molded to the exact curve that you prefer.  How do you like the new Cyclor that came out just last month?

Modano: It’s an amazing stick.  It’s light.  It’s consistent.  Obviously, if you ask anybody, you can shoot the puck a lot harder and quicker.  It’s a great stick.  Right now, it has the most consistency of any stick.

DMN: They have injected silicone into the blade on these new ones to allow for better control of the puck.  Has that helped?

Modano: They tried to soften the blade up a little bit.  I think the one big complaint about the Synergy (stick) was the real hard blade, the puck having a tendency to bounce off it.  I think this in a way cushions the blade a little more, limits the puck from bouncing around.

DMN: You’re one of the few people who hasn’t complained about the new crackdown on obstruction.  Do you like the way the games are being called?

Modano: I think, more or less, the teams are starting to understand it and really trying to learn.  There’s a lot more skating.  Players are skating with players rather than trying to hold on or slow them down.  I think for the most part, teams are starting to change the way they play.

DMN: Dave Tippett came in with a reputation as a power play specialist.  Has he changed the way you do things on the power play?

Modano: In the past, we were in such a rush to get the puck to the net, crash the net.  But that’s why they’re called two-minute penalties, because we have time to work it around.  We’re not forcing everything.  We work on it a lot, and just to know where everybody is going to be on the ice helps a lot.  If you don’t have the time to get your head up and look, you know where those guys are going to be, to relieve pressure, make the plays, get the shot through to the net.

Saturday, November 30 at Nashville (L, 2-5)

Stat line:
One assist
Plus/minus: E
17:55 of ice time, 20 shifts
 0:58 power play
 1:39 shorthanded
11 of 20 faceoffs won (55%)
Two shots on goal

• Modano vs. Nashville, career: 16 games, 12 goals, six assists, 18 points
• The entire team lost its cool in a crazy second-period stretch where the Stars saw four players in the penalty box at one time, including Modano.  They were forced to play two-men down for a long stretch.  To send a message to the team leaders, Coach Tippett did not send Modano and captain Derian Hatcher into the third period until the 15:35 mark.  

The Week Ahead

Wednesday, December 4 vs. Montreal (FSN, 7:30)
Friday, December 6 vs. Detroit (Ch. 27, 7:30)