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My life has been blessed in so many ways. At the center of it all was a wonderful home with loving parents and two great, supportive sisters. I was lucky enough to have a happy, healthy life, as well as the opportunity to pursue my dreams. Unfortunately, not every child has that kind of support system and solid home life. I believe I have an obligation to share my good fortune and try to make a difference in the lives of others. As a public figure, I also have a rare opportunity to speak out and be heard. I’ve established The Mike Modano Foundation and have devoted my time, energy, and financial resources to telling others about the tragedy of child abuse.

Child Abuse is a learned behavior that can pass from generation to generation. It knows no economic, cultural, ethnic, or geographic boundaries. It is a reality and it exists in our own backyard. It is our responsibility as compassionate human beings and community members to do something about it. My goal, and the goal of The Mike Modano Foundation, is to raise awareness and provide funding for organizations whose purpose is to offer education and assistance to children and families who suffer the devastation of abuse. In 2003, I realized one of my dreams. I established the Mike Modano Cottage located on the campus of Jonathan’s Place. The cottage serves as a safe haven and education center for the victims of child abuse. The cottage provides a place where every child can pursue their dreams and realize a better life. I continue to work with organizations and groups by helping to raise money and awareness for this cause and to educate individuals in order to help break the tragic cycle of child abuse.

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