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Together, As One

Who do you turn to in your time of need
When all that you long for is love and the hope to succeed

What you do for me, what I can do for you
Is to give you the will and courage to coming shining through

With all that opposes you, with no signs ahead
Let me guide and lead you to a place where you will not dread

All the dreams that you dream, all the passion that you hold
Allows you to prosper and lets your story be told

Many roads you will travel in the days to come
In times of darkness, look to the brightness of the sun

The answers are there to find to the questions you will ask
Look forward to the future and not dwell in the past

There is goodness in people just look into their eyes
Seek out the truth, don’t listen to the lies

We come into this world full of joy and wonder
Proving to ourselves we are worthy with a little sense of style and thunder

Never give up on life and life will never give up on you
Together, as one, our hearts will be strong and true