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Off Ice - Mom's Corner

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Well, Mom's been a little under the weather and a whole lot behind. So, let's start with the opening game in October at the new arena. We had most of Mike's family there. His sister Sandy and her family from Detroit enjoyed themselves. However, Linda and her family from Boston backed out because of 9-11. Mom and Dad, we haven't missed an opening game yet. We are going on 10-11 years, where does the time go.

Thanksgiving came and went pretty uneventfully. We did get to see Mike's Sr. family in Boston, which is always nice. Now Christmas, we miss Christmas with the kids around, but darn it they have to grow up and have their own families, and start their own traditions. It's not over the hills and through the woods to Grandma's house. It's us that are going to the woods (we live in the city) on the ice roads to their houses.

It's been four years since the last Olympics and here they are coming around again in February. We are sure looking forward to them with a lot of pride. It will be great having them here in the USA. Japan was great, but playing at home, you just can't beat playing in front of all your fans. We're looking forward to seeing our flags waving in the stands. Well, our bags are packed and ready for Salt Lake City. Will keep you up on the action. GO USA!