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Mike's First Valentine

It was 1978, February 14. Bearing his favorite blue coat and refusing to wear his mittens, as usual, Mike left for school as if it were just another day. Books in hand it was a normal day in the life of a 3rd-grader, despite one thing. Today was Valentine’s Day. The last 7 Valentine’s days were pretty nondescript for Mike. While all other girls, including his sisters, had cooties, I was the only girl to ever receive a Valentine from Mike - until this year.

Her name was Marlene. Marlene was a precious brunette with long curls who lived down the street from us for years. Mike had asked me to pick up a box of Sweethearts for him while we were at the store the day before. I did not think anything of it at the time. It was not until he left that day did I see the box in his hands. I could make out the first four letters… M-A-R-L. I instantly knew, Mike had his first crush and my little boy was growing up. What a wonderful day it was.

May you all experience as much joy on this Valentine’s Day.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Michael.

With love,
Mom – Karen Modano

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