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Mother's Day

I've had thirty Mother's Days since Mike was born. When I think back on how much he has changed from the little baby of 9 lbs. to a man of 200 lbs., I sit back and reflect on all the things he has accomplished in his 30 years and all the things he did when he was young. At times he drove me crazy and yet many times he made me laugh. He has made me so proud. It is hard to say just how proud without getting a lump in my throat or tears in my eyes.

As this Mother's Day comes, if I could wish for just one thing when I look at this man with my eyes and see the baby with my heart, it would be that he enjoys nothing but the best that life has to offer for the next thirty years and then some. With love to all the mothers on this Mother's Day 2001.

"Days like that you will remember the rest of your life."

- Karen Modano.

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