>>Questions and Answers: from Mike Modano

· Who are your heroes? Dad, Daryl Sittler

· What is your favorite book/favorite author? Tuesdays with Morrie/ Mitch Albom

· What is your favorite food/ meal? Steak, pasta, Mexican

· Who do you wish you could sing like? Steven Tyler

· What is your nickname? Mo

· What is your ideal vacation? Month in Cabo San Lucas

· What are your hobbies? Interests? Travel, wine, my Ford

· What do you collect? Elephants

· What makes you smile? My dogs Scout and Bella

· If you were stranded on a desert island, 3 things you would take with you? Direct TV, friends, and Palm 7

· If you could put your own message on a billboard for all to see, what would it say? Peace

· What should all children be taught? Unconditional love and respect for others.

· If you could leave one thing behind for the world to learn from life, what would it be? Treat everyone equal

· If you were not playing hockey, what would you do? Pilot

· What are you thankful your parents taught you? Treat others how you want to be treated

· What is your favorite animal? Dogs, Golden Retrievers

· What is Mike’s skate size? 9 3/4

· What was Mike’s junior number? 9

· Does Mike play a musical instrument? No

· What kind of CCM helmet does Mike wear? CCM Helmet Model #HT2 in a large

· What kind of stick does Mike use? Easton T Flex, Graphite Stick

· How many siblings does Mike have? 2 sisters