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Statement from Bob Murray – Mike Modano’s Agent,

regarding Modano’s championship ring that recently listed on e-Bay
In 1999, Mike Modano asked me to help him get a custom Stanley Cup championship ring reproduced from the original ring given to him by the Dallas Stars and team owner Tom Hicks. I took the original ring to deBoulle Jewelers in Dallas to get it duplicated. deBoulle expressed interest in keeping the original ring on display in the store.

The arrangement I made with deBoulle included the jeweler having the ability to display the original ring for viewing by its customers and other Dallas Stars fans at its store on Preston Road in Dallas. Due to a misunderstanding on my part, deBoulle was also authorized to sell the ring. Mike was not aware of the arrangement and, although I had the authority to make the arrangements with deBoulle, the ring was sold without Mike’s knowledge.

I am happy to report that the ring is now in safekeeping and is under Mike’s control. The listing has been pulled from e-Bay.

After Mike’s charity baseball event on the Aug 1-2 weekend in Dallas, the original ring will again be displayed for fans to enjoy at deBoulle's store at 6821 Preston Road, in Dallas.

We apologize for any misunderstandings that this has caused. Mike has a long-standing and continued relationship with deBoulle. The good faith and integrity of deBoulle in this matter was never in doubt. He values his original Stanley Cup ring and it remains one of his most prized possessions.