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10 Questions with Mike Modano

DallasStars.com: Do you look at next season as a challenge to you personally after a disappointing 2003-2004 season?

MM: "Yeah, I look at next season as a great challenge to come back and prove myself once again. My career has been something I can look back at and be proud of, but obviously last year was disappointing. I would love to erase that year and move on and hopefully I can do that next season."

DallasStars.com: The 2004-2005 Dallas Stars are pretty much put together, with the exception of a few spots. Do you believe this team has a chance to compete for the Stanley Cup in 2005?

MM: "I think so, I think with a couple more additions we have a legitimate shot. Doug Armstrong has done a great job this summer of getting everybody signed and getting the roster put together so that we are ready to go. We'll have a head start on a lot of other teams because we know what our team looks like and we're solid right from the start of the year."

DallasStars.com: Who, in your opinion, is the best player you have ever played with?

MM: "I think that's between three guys. Brett Hull is obviously a great player. Sergei Zubov is one of the most talented guys I have played with. And Jere Lehtinen who is as good an all-around player as you get in this league. It's been a thrill to play with those three guys."

DallasStars.com: What player is the toughest for you to play against in the league right now?

MM: "I would say Chris Pronger is one that comes to mind. Also, Nicklas Lidstrom in Detroit because he is so good positionally as well as being smart out there. Pronger is just so tough and physical and makes you work for your space out there. Those two guys are tough to play against and it's funny because they are two totally different players."

DallasStars.com: Are you more of a California guy or a New York man?

MM: "Probably a New York man. I just love the atmosphere and the speed of the city. The buzz that's always around that city is outstanding, not to mention it's a great sports town."

DallasStars.com: If you could live in one place for the rest of your life, where would that be?

MM: "Two places actually come to mind, either Carmel, California or the French Riviera. I chose Carmel because of the great golf and the ocean. The landscape there is amazing. I enjoy the French Riviera because of the Mediterranean and just how beautiful it is over there."

DallasStars.com: What is your best non-hockey moment over your lifetime?

MM: "That's tough because I have pretty much been involved in hockey all of my life. But I would have to say establishing the foundation, the Mike Modano Foundation, and helping the kids here in Dallas. Along with that, having a relationship with Jonathan's Place. I really do treasure those things."

DallasStars.com: What would you rather be if you had the opportunity: A quarterback for an NFL football team or the best tennis player in the world (knowing your competitive background in tennis)?

MM: "I don't know about that one. I think I would have to say a tennis player. You are away from the team atmosphere, on your own, and you have nobody else to blame but yourself. I think that's why athletes that play team sports usually love golf or tennis just to get away from things. You're on your own and by yourself and can't blame anybody else but yourself."

DallasStars.com: Now that you are in full training mode for the World Cup, did you do anything fun earlier this summer?

MM: "I went out to Los Angeles for a little bit, just traveling and visiting some friends out there. I also got a chance to go to the Hamptons in New York for the first time, which was a lot of fun. We went there for Fourth of July weekend and had such a great time. Other than that, I've been mainly just hanging in Dallas."

DallasStars.com: Who is your favorite professional sports team, outside the Dallas Stars of course?

MM: "I would have to say the Miami Dolphins, I've always loved the Dolphins. I grew up watching Marino and Griese. Two other teams that I have always followed are the Lakers and the Yankees. Those are three of my favorite teams that I always enjoy watching."